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You cannot make your home in another person,
cannot carve comfort
in the marrow of their bones,
cannot break their hearts
into shingles to protect you from
the rain.

People are not buildings for you to live inside,
are not clay for you to mold
into the kind of love you want,
are not lines of cocaine
for you to get high off of and then
toss in the trash when
you’re done.

You spent three years turning me into a house
molding me into a clay model of her
rolling me into a joint,
but after one hit
you left.

what is in that box?


okay but speaking of bi-erasure/biphobia, why don’t more people openly acknowledge characters like Commander Shepherd (Mass Effect), the heros of the Fable games, and Elodie (Long Live The Queen, which i just started playing) as canonically bisexual?

because IMO if a character can be freely paired with partners of either their own, or other genders, depending on who the player chooses to romance, then that character is bisexual, NOT “able to be played as either straight OR gay!”

looking at things that way, it would most definitely be bi-erasure to act as though who you pair the character with determines the character’s sexuality as being gay or straight. it’s no different than viewing real life bisexuals as straight when they’re dating someone of another gender, and gay if they’re dating someone of the same gender.

and i mean hey, i’m also guilty of having made comments like “oh, it’s so great that you can play Character X as gay if you want to,” in an attempt to praise games as being “progressive”, so i’m not looking to shame anyone who’s done so. just sharing some thoughts.


Film Crit Hulk responds to Vulture’s trainwreck of an article, ‘Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a Prick’.




kindness is cooler than being a jerk. i like kind people way more than i like people who are butts, even though probably people who are butts have their own reasons for being a butt and it’s not like anyone is a butt 24/7 like sometimes you’re just off, yanno? sometimes i have been a butt. i am often a butt. where was i going with this. idk



i hate it when people equate being kind with being boring - kindness is hard, it requires emotional work and energy even when it’s relatively easy, and it’s often not easy at all

being kind =/= being nice; niceness has its uses, but being nice has nothing to do with ethics and everything to do with delicate social balancing. niceness is about not rocking the boat, smoothing things over, niceness can be brutal in its determination to sweep past inconveniences; you can be unjust and unfair and still manage a veneer of “niceness”; nice does not require kind, or vice versa

(I’ve met plenty of people who wouldn’t lift a finger to help you if you needed it but they observed all the social niceties when stepping aside, and it was somehow excusable that they were unkind at the core because they were nice about it; conversely I know people who are blunt and caustic who would help, every time, people who might not manage nice but would always, always try to be kind)

kindness requires exertion of the heart and soul, kindness will fucking cost you (and you might willingly pay, but there’s still a price, it doesn’t come easy or free), and that is really fucking difficult, why do people undersell it?

i’m not talking about flashy movie battles against supervillains, either; i’m talking about the cumulative effect of all the little things, the hundred small conscientious ways in which people take up stewardship and accountability for their communities, the quiet unglamorous tasks to minister unto others

i am so sick of our cultural obsession with brooding self-absorbed jerks; they’re not clever or cute and those stories don’t do shit for me, they don’t give me hope or strength or help, they just make me want to give up and not bother

but people who keep trying, who want to be as good as they know how (even if they sometimes suck at it), they give me hope

they’re fighting, too, but it’s not brooding antihero nihilism; it’s so much more interesting than that

kindness in the face of all the bad things is a giant glowing fuck you, it’s defiance in the darkness, it means looking at all the bullshit in the world and still deciding to love wholly and generously and ferociously

that stubborn furious struggle is so fucking fascinating


yeah after reading isanah’s posts about kind lead characters and reading the comparison btwn batman/superman in this post, i realized this was something that always bothered me about my ex. he valued ASSHOLE characters so much! and loved emulating them! it was ridiculous! and that meant he ridiculed me, bc i’m one of those ppl who likes to go out of their way to go do nice things or to just be kind. i hate the way society values asshole heroes bc it means that ppl value these sorts of personalities in real life and it affects who and how they interact w others. case in point: my ex.


i love bucky barnes more than i love myself



Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page VI / VI

Yes ! I did it, it’s finally done ! I hope you guys are happy because I most certainly am :)


i cant tell if im really nice but secretly an asshole or an asshole but secretly really nice